Benefits of being by the lake

New wave of research points out that “blue spaces” (lakes, rivers, seas…) could have positive effect on overall wellbeing.

People living near lakes, seas, rivers or waterfalls are likely to experience less stress that people who living in urban areas. This is due to a fact that spending time near water increases the feeling of relaxation, wellbeing, calm, thus having very positive affect on mental health.

There are physical health benefits as well, as staying by the lake (or other body of water) will boost your immune system, refresh your lungs (thanks to breathing the fresh air with negative ions, resulting in better flow of the oxygen and even possible help relieving allergies, by filtering out dust from your lungs) and help you establish a healthy sleep patterns.

Health Benefits - Lake Garda Tourism

If it is summertime, you will also benefit from the sunshine, providing you with vitamin D, which has many known health effects.

If you are a swimmer, you probably know that swimming in natural water will improve your blood circulation, make you happy via increase in endorphin levels and give you a good training session in natural environment.

We invite you to experience those benefits for yourself, here in beautiful lake Garda area and we hope we will see you at our Villa!


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