Lake wedding

Why lake?

Wedding Garda LakeBecause getting married on a lake shore is not only romantic, but different than all of the usual wedding locations for it unites the beautiful view of a landscape with fresh air and a unique feeling of being in the suiting natural environment.

If nothing else, few other locations provide such a wonderful view and feel, something that you and your guests might revisit in your minds in the future.

There are a lot of beautiful ceremony spots to choose from, if you want to say YES outside,  while waves are gently rolling in the distance and guests are standing by the shore or in the green fields, it’s your choice!.

Witch carefully planned wedding, next to the lake, you need not move at all, if that is what you prefer.

Everything could be arranged in such a way that it results in a perfect (fast) service and satisfied guests, which really is a win-win situation.

Now, which lake should you choose, you might be wondering?

Hope you don’t mind us suggesting Lake Garda, as it might be the perfect choice for your wedding, not only because of the outstanding natural appeal for which the lake is known for, but because you can organize your wedding in a splendid 17th century old Villa!

Also known as Benaco, it is the biggest Italian lake and in its area a lot of historical monuments, villas and castles, can be found.

The weather is almost perfect! With its mild climate, lake Garda might as well be the best choice for you to plan your venue by, as there are not that many rainy days and temperatures tend to be suiting, sometimes a bit warmer as well, especially during the summer months.

There is more…

If we were to tell you that you can combine all of the miracles of a wedding by the lake and in the 17th century Villa, with amazing statues, garden and breath taking interior, you might think it to be to good to be true!?

Well, the truth is just that, as we are about to show you the photos of this beautiful place and equally beautiful Villa Bettoni, making your choice of a wedding place a lot easier!


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