Why you should visit Garda lake now!

Why you should visit Garda lake now!

Italy has many beautiful lakes, one of which is lake Garda, the biggest lake in the country, with an area of approximately 370 square kilometers.

It is also a perfect place for a holiday, sightseeing, exploration of history (as it was the site of several historical battles, such as: Battle of Solferino, Rivoli and Benacus) and a lot of other activities.

Why a tourist should visit?

Breathtaking nature is what it comes to mind. Surrounded by the Garda Mountains, lake Garda also hosts some well known and beautiful islands (Isola dell’Olivo, Isola di Sogno, Isola di Trimelone, Isola del Garda,  Isola San Biagio and few smaller ones).

When you get hungry, you can try some of the traditional specialties, based on a wide range of meals. Anything from chicken, duck, ham, pork and of course fish.

You should not miss some of the more unusual dishes. We recommend trying:

  • Lesso e Pearà

Boiled meat with peppered bread sauce will definitely bring a smile on your face, as you realize the depth of flavor you are dealing with. No surprise this dish is one of the cornerstones of the regional cuisine.

  • Bigoli pasta with sardines

This one is traditional as it gets and typical for Lake Garda area. Its prepared with sardines from the lake itself using a special pasta press in order to roughen the surface, making the sauce easier to absorb.

  • Tortellini

It’s a pasta filled with meat, mushrooms or cheese and it could be eaten with a delicious sause.

Of course, there are many other meals you can try as well as incredible coffee.

  • Anatra col Pien

Stuffed duck (filled with a seasoned stuffing) usually served at villages in the region.

Why a musician should visit?

To listen to incredible music, either on the street(where very talented artists perform, in some places in the area) or at a festival or concert (there are a lot to choose from, as the musical events are being held all year round).

The area(Salo) is also the birthplace of the Violin and a famous Italian music pioneer, Gasparo de Salo.

Why a photographer should visit?

It is a destination that will please those who like to carry their camera with them, as it has some beautiful natural scenery, from mountains covered in snow to small towns on the banks and lake with its islands in the middle.

Even amateur photographers are guaranteed to shoot beautiful and stunning photos!

Why YOU should visit?

Because there is a lot more to be seen and enjoyed in this area, Villa Bettoni being one of them. Come and visit us!

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